Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Madness!

So much going on!!

First...the nickyname game..For the ENTIRE week, Mom, and Dad, will call me Handsome!! Well DUH!!  BOL!!  This should be a lot of fun!!

Now for a bit of sad news before we go on to sumthing happier! God has been calling soooooo many furbabies to the Bridge!

My two-legged sister had to let her doggy, Laddy, go to the Rainbow Bridge!  Laddy decided to chase a SQUIRREL, jumped at the fence and shattered his leg...... Shattered, not broke.   On further examination the VET said the Cancer word and said he had never seen a leg shatter so bad...that means the CANCER was all over his body and bones!  There were many tears flowing butt the right decision was made, God needed Laddy more than we did and  Laddy made his peaceful journey to the Bridge!
Mom looked and looked through her 185 BILLION picshures but could not find one of Laddy.  I will help her again later but for now just know he was a very handsome fellow, just like me.   He was part herding doggy and his dad must of been a Traveling Salesman. One thing for sure, Laddy had the biggest Ears my Mom had ever seen!!!!!!
Mom wants to thank all of the peeps on FaceBook who gave their best wishes to Tiffany, it made her sobs turn into gentle tears!

Another bit of sadness

Sergeant Sneezy went to the Bridge yesterday. Mom has a picshure cuz she stole it borrowed from his FaceBook page!

This handsome guy came all the way from Aff Gan Iz Stan..can you IMAGINE??   His Daddy, SFC James Manzi, was deployed there and found Sneezy.  While there, Sneezy kept his new daddy safe and gave him a reason to be STRONG!!  Then, this handsome boy, made the trip to the US of A.
Yep, Sneezy came first ( all by himself!!) and stayed wiff his new Mommy Jennifer, a very good friend of his Daddy!  Unfortunately, Sneezy had a NOSE pwoblem....his pawrents gave him the best treatment the V*E*T*S could provide butt his breathing just gotted worse! This is too long of story to tell so, if you would like, go here and read his Facebook page. I pwomise, you won't be sorry butt please have a box of tissues handy, speschully if you read his Mom's last letter to him!

OK, nuff sadness..Lets talk happy stuff!

First, I attended the Engagement party of the most BeaYouTea Ful Princess Tabitha and Prince Nicholas who are my FaceBook furiends from the Naughty Terrier Club.   What a time we had, there was food, drinks, swimming, dancing and all around merriment!

The party started at 5 PM, Colllie Wado time!  Evfurrbody was in good spirits (no pun) and wanted to start tipping the cup..sooooooo many of my furiends were asking iffin it was 5 o'clock yet...

Since Mom doesn't have pawMission to post the picshures, and is telling me to hurry up wiff this post, I will let you uses your imagination!

Here are two picshures of my party outfits. As you can see, I have worn them before at previous functions butt, becuz I'm frugal and nose the impawtence of recycling, I wore them again!

Second,   I have to go to the V*E*T  today for my yearly checkup. You might ask, why that is a happy fing?  Well, let me tell you...that is
                   cuz   Numero Uno-I have been wiff my pawrents for a whole year!
            and cuz... I'm well more sickies at our house!!

 I have a spa day scheduled for Saturday butt, because I need to smell purdy for the Vet Lady, Mom gave me a baff this morning!!  Here is a video of me doing Zoomies after my baff, the woman could not find her camera ( it was on the dining room table) so she tried to use her phone.

BEWARE: Iffin you get motion sickies..DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!

Iffin you can not stomach the VIDEO,
Here is my BeaYouTeaFul picshure!!

I gotta go,
will post picshures later of my V*E*T visit!!

Wish Me LUCK!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I'm joining my good furiend Sarge in his nickname event.

I'm  posed to list all the nicknames my Mom and Dad calls me.  Then, if you would be so kind, leave a pawment on your Favorite. The rules say, Mom and Dad hab to call me the FAVORITE nickname for a whole week!!  Can you IMAGINE..  I sure hope it's not a Norty Nickname!!

Ok, here goes!

Unfortunately, last night I peed on da bed!  I don't know why, I just did..Mom was worried butt Dad was just a little upset.  So for Numero Uno nickname...
"OH NO...WINSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Mom finks I'm pretty cute so she calls me:
HANDSOME! She might say 'Hi, Handsome"...then Dad answers back "HI!!   Oh, I thought you were talking to me!"  BOL!!!

Mom says there is nothing cuter than a Wirehaired Fox Terriers, the next name she calls me is:

Sumtimes Mom babytalks..during those times she calls me:

Did I mention she thinks I'm cute? Another nickname is:

Iffin I growl at the kitties...( Hey, who wouldn't)  she says:
"Don't do that POOP HEAD!"

My Favorite fing in da whole world is my tennis ball. When I run to catch it, or bring it back to my EARS flop in da wind!  My next name is:

Last, butt not least,  Mom calls me:

So, I fink dat is it!   I can't remember (THANK DOG) any HBO names!

Plwease leab a pawment on you Favorite!!!  


Friday, May 11, 2012

Nickname Event

WOW, my good furiend Sarge @ Sarge Speaks Out  is having a fun EVENT!

Do you pawrents call you by a nickname..or two..or three? Iffin so, dis might be just up you alley!

Please click on the picshuwe and go visit him for all da wules and wegulations!

And guess what..there will be pwizes galowe!

Now, I need to sit down, get comfy and write down all the nicknames Mom and Dad call me!!

Have fun!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday's Tails!

Hello, Winston here!

Why should I get down??  Mom has her foot on the table......

Do not let spacious plans for a new world divert your energies from saving what is left of the old.
Winston Churchill