Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy 1st Gotcha Day, Winston

It's hard to believe that this is your very 1st Gotcha Day!!

Thanks for bringing such joy into our lives!

...we brought you home for a week "trial visit".

...we fell in love with you right away!
Your first trip to Loveland! quickly tolerated the bratty furballs!

...and wrapped your dad around your little paw!

...even though you are sitting pretty in the really do not like car rides!

...I soon found out you would not make a good running partner!
I will walk..just don't ask me to run!
I must say, over the year, you have gotten a tad bit better in the running department. At least I don't have to carry you anymore! have put up with all your photo shoots!

...met new furiends!

Auntie Sally, Jake and Fergi! decided that Lucy can be a furiend too!! went to festivals

...and ballgames.. played in the snow..(licked the snow) showed us your passion for the tennis ball

.. and you gave us a scare when you had the sickies and spent Christmas Eve in the hospital , thank goodness we were able to bring you home Christmas still love this ducky! have brought tremendous joy into our family, little man!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Friday!

Hi, Winston here!

We are off to the hills..Mom is off work for FOUR..count them...F*O*U*R  Days!!!!

I will help wiff the gardening....

..and the watering

..I will hunt for the bunny rabbits

..and try to figure out this maze of hoses!!

On another note...

Did you hear the most fantastic news????

I ( and mom ..she had to drive)  met Jake and Fergi ( and their mom Sally..she had to drive) Echter's in Arvada, CollieWado!!!

We had sooooo much fun. We walked around a park, shopped at the nursery, rode in the carts...and went for another walk  (well almost..I was  so tired,  I plopped myself down on the sidewalk) then we sat under the gazebo for a nice chat!

From left to right
Fergi, Mom, Me and Jake

Hi Fergi...whatcha doing???

Isn't this pretty??!!

Jakie was so brave....he used to be afraid of these scary Gargoyles!!

This is me......Stopping to smell the Roses..Geraniums

Jakes mom said  " DON'T eat the grasses, Jake"   BOL!!!

Three Foxie Furiends!


 Miss Sally talking to Jake and Fergi!

Me, Jake and the ever BeaYouTeaFul..Miss Fergi!!

Wish you could have joined us!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I've had the Sickies

For those of you who visit me on FaceBook, you know I've had a tummy issue for a little while!

Finally, last Friday my slaves pawrents took me to the V...E...T!!!!

Unspeakable things happened!!   
Let me Tell you........ Never...Never...EVER..Turn your Back on a Vet Tech!!!!!!

The most humiliating thing happened,

.......a 4 foot long plastic crochet hook


........and my butt

Get The Picture???


Pllllllleeeeeeaaaassseeeeee   Save Me!

There has to be a way out of here!

See my tail..I'm not a happy camper!

Anywho... the diagnosis is Clostridium!!

That means 10 days of the most disgusting medicine...FLAGYL

Mom was on the same medicine for two weeks and she was sick the whole time!

So, for now, you will find me resting.

I really just want to sleep,

go for short walkies

and get all of the love, and cuddles, I deserve in this trying time!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter from our house to yours!

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Happy Birthday, Winston

Happy 8th Birthday, Winston!!'s almost been a year since you came into our lives!!!

Oh, what a wonderful year it has been!

Happy Birthday, little man!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Madness!!!

Hi, Winston here!

Look, my page is already Orange..Supporting the ASPCA for their April Challenge to bring  awareness to STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY!

I found this grrrrrrrreat Kitty toy in MY basket........

Iffin it's in MY's MY toy...RIGHT??!!