Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Friday!

Hi, Winston here!

We are off to the hills..Mom is off work for FOUR..count them...F*O*U*R  Days!!!!

I will help wiff the gardening....

..and the watering

..I will hunt for the bunny rabbits

..and try to figure out this maze of hoses!!

On another note...

Did you hear the most fantastic news????

I ( and mom ..she had to drive)  met Jake and Fergi ( and their mom Sally..she had to drive) Echter's in Arvada, CollieWado!!!

We had sooooo much fun. We walked around a park, shopped at the nursery, rode in the carts...and went for another walk  (well almost..I was  so tired,  I plopped myself down on the sidewalk) then we sat under the gazebo for a nice chat!

From left to right
Fergi, Mom, Me and Jake

Hi Fergi...whatcha doing???

Isn't this pretty??!!

Jakie was so brave....he used to be afraid of these scary Gargoyles!!

This is me......Stopping to smell the Roses..Geraniums

Jakes mom said  " DON'T eat the grasses, Jake"   BOL!!!

Three Foxie Furiends!


 Miss Sally talking to Jake and Fergi!

Me, Jake and the ever BeaYouTeaFul..Miss Fergi!!

Wish you could have joined us!!


  1. Four whole days? That's WONDERFUL!

  2. Winston! Can ya believe it? We actually got OurMoma to get her hyney over here to visit your blog ... and look who we found! ALL of US! What a great day that was ... we've heard OurMoma saying we're gonna have to do it again, soon. Real soon. (Maybe even Fergi will share a quick kiss next time ... she sure seemed to be comfortable around you ... but we knew you're a gentleman all along!)

    Hugs and happy bunny hunting,
    Jake (and Family)

  3. How cool! We've got convince Mom to call in dead for a few days - we would LOVE a long weekend with Mom! The gardening looks great - ours is temporarily covered in snow! But good luck hunting wabbits! ;-)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  4. I hope you have the most wonderful 4 days with your mom, Winston!
    My Maggie and I met Sally and Nina and Jake and Fergie. They are the most wonderful family ever!

    Love ya lots,

  5. Oh I would have loved to join you! It looks like a great meeting of old chums, and the beeeyoootiful miss Fergi!


  6. Y'all are smiling in the smiling in the last picture. Happy Sunday!
    Sally Ann