Sunday, July 29, 2012


Hi, Winston, Chloe and Cecil here!

Due to technical difficulties, this program is a repeat from and earlier broadcast of  Chloe and Cecil's Bloggie!! 

We have FIRED our secwetawy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeppers, she was given a write up when Winston's entry for Window Nose Art was not received by the Olympic Committee!! 
How many days ago was that..Let's see.... O*N*E !!!!!!

To our DISMAY...our entries in Synchronized Sleeping were not received by the committee!!!!  What the HECK???   She musta sent our entry forms to the wrong addy!!!   Do you nose how long we twained for that event????????
Day after Day, long agonizing hours of twaining!!  From early morning, right after breakky, all the way until she  handed out our measly treats..THEN.. after our skimpy dinner of kibble...we continued into the wee hours of night!!!

We were ready to pawticipate only to find out we were not entered!!!
She received her Pink Slip this morning!

 Our Mom has been demoted to our cook, water-dish washer and pooper scooper!

Iffin  you, or any one you nose,  is looking for employment please fill out this application. The pay is not very good but we do offer benefits, which include lots of licks, head buts, love, cuddles and undying loyalty (unless you continue to make mistakes) !!!!!

 Now, without further complaining, we will show you are marvelous entries in Synchronized Sleeping!!

See the precision, our ears are purrfectly in synch!

Cecil must be dreaming he's eating an ice cream cone!

MOL!!!  Cecil sleeping in Winston's bed!!

  Well, we were sleeping until SHE came in wiff the flashy box!!

Good help is hard to find!
Sumtimes if you need a job done, it's easier to just do it yourself!!

Now to the good news!!  Since we were not entered, we went to the Olympic Stadium to cheer on our fellow athletes!

The Sleeping Event was fantabulous, the pawticipants worked tirelessly during their twaining!!
Please visit Oskar, the O- Fish -All  Judge for Single, and Synchronized,!

After the Sleeping Competition was over we had a little lunch..

..then wandered over to the Bouncing Event where another group of Superb Athletes gave their best performance for the countries they represented!  Not only were they required to show their athleticism BUTT were also required to write a little narrative for the spectator's enjoyment!! Please, Please visit Bouncing Bertie ( another handsome dude like Winston!) and see the continuation of today's games!



  1. You need to give her the walking papers, sounds like you need a better cook and treat giver outer!!!!!! Heeheehee

    Susie & Bites

  2. So sorry your entries were delayed too late to make the cut off. Especially after all that training! But they were good ones!!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Loved the pics. All competition worthy.

  4. DARN.... I hope she didn't pawtest her LAY OFF. I mean we can SEE that you did all that twainin and hard work and then TRUSTED that she would meet the Dead Lion thingy. Pawhaps you need a good attorney or somethingy.
    SHEEEEEESH. I am soooooooo sorry.

  5. Just stopping by to wish you a very happy Monday!

    Woofs & huggies, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  6. good help is so hard to find!!!
    your pal,

  7. Winston, Chloe and Cecil,
    this is an outwage!!!!
    I know how hawd you twained (youw pictoowes testify to youw unflagging devotion to youw spowt
    Mommi wanted to apply to be yoow secweatawy , till I pointed out to hew that she does a less than stellaw job of being mine

    hope youw Mom sees the ewwow of hew ways and stawts to wowk fow you
    smoochie kisses
    pee ess those sleeping pictoowes should get you a gold medal

  8. My assistant failed to enter me in ANY Olympic events ...grrr! I think I need a new assistant as well! Good help is so hard to find!

    Your pal, Pip