Friday, July 27, 2012

Opening Day of the Olympics 2012

Yesserieeeee, Today is the DAY, what we have all been twaining and waiting for..LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!

This morning the most Honorable Mayor Frankie gave his opening speech which was absotootlee amazing!
If you missed it, please go here!

Then, my oh my, the Pawrade of Athletes!!! The Pomp and Circumstance, the buff athletes, the commentary by Posie..Amazing wiff a capital A!!!!  Iffin you missed the pawrade, you can see the picshures here!

Next, over at Roo's we witnessed the Olympic Torch making it's travels to the Coliseum, then the Olympic Flame Lighting!  It was MAGNIFICENT!! You can also see a few...shall we say mishaps..or bloopers, which happened during our most stwenuous twaining!

The bestest fing..the Honorable Mayor Frankie said, WE ARE ALL WINNERS!!!  Thank you to Sarge for designing our Olympic Medal for 2012!!



  1. Loved all the opening day activities. Did you see me wag at you from across the stadium?

  2. OMD OMD.... it was such a THRILLING Opening fur our Olympics!!! I can not stand waiting fur the events to begin.

  3. Winston Chloe and Cecil
    I am still quaking wif excitement
    The Opening events wewe spectacoolaw evewy one did the most pawsome job and ouw feeling of divewsity and oonity is so vewy admiwabull..I know , as Mayow Fwankie said "we awe all winnews"
    now let's have some fun
    smoochie good luck kisses

  4. We just came from Sarge's blog. They're swimming and it's awesome to see, Winston!
    Mom did make it down to the vet's with a peepee sample, thank doG, and I'm spilling protein so no more meds were dispensed. He said the doxy should work just fine

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  5. This whole thing has us so excited!!!!!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley