Saturday, July 28, 2012

WooHoo, the Olympic events are Pawsome!!

I woke Mom up at the booty crack of dawn so we could go to the Olympic Stadium to watch today's events!! Each event has been AMAZING and we are in awe of all of the Athlete's! 

The swimming competishun...well what can I say.....the dedicashun to their sport showed in every stroke as the pawticipants glwided through the waters!  Each athlete must have spent hours and hours in twaining! Watching the swimming has given me the desire to take swimming lessons so I can pawticpate in future events!

Please, if you missed the swimming competishun, head over to Sarge's bloggy beclaws he has all the skinny ( not skinny dip), make sure you see all of today's events starting wiff the Minnows and ending wiff Whales!!   Oh, and you must see Puddles who is the official Lifeguard..WMT!!

Next we wondered through the Olympic Village, did a little shopping then off to the Nose art Competishun!

Mom bought this lovely bracelet

and I bought these to cheer on the pawticipants!

My secwetawy (MOM) sended my entry butt, as usual,  she must have messed up cuz I wasn't entered in this event!!! Hmmmmmmm, don't worry, I will show you my wonderful nose arts!!!

To see the Nose Art event, just head over to Jazzi's and take a looky loo! The talwent of these Awtists is seen in each bweath taking canvas!

Enjoy your  time at the Olympics, hope to sniff you there!



  1. It's all so very exciting. I love your nose art. fantastic job.

  2. OH WINSTON I am so very much SORRY that your entry didn't make it....
    I suppose those Nasty Squirrels STOLE it... THEY are all so Jelly over the fact that WE have Olympics.. and THEY DON'T.
    Well, I think your entry would have been a MAJOR WINNER!!
    I am havin Soooooo much fun at all the events. Maybe I'll see you in the stands... unless you are in EVERY Event... THEN I'll WAVE and Cheer FUR YOU. OK?

  3. We think your nose art is wonderful. Muzzer is cheering because other secretaries must've also had technical difficulties, whihc means she doesn't feel so bad. (but she should)


  4. Your nose snool is a work of art, Winston, and we love your mom's new bracelet!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  5. Whooo, I is exhausted from all dat swimmin'! Dat was so much fun! I will have to rest up for mah events tomorrow! ~Rama