Thursday, February 23, 2012


Due to another bizarre comment received yesterday, I have now turned on comment moderation. Why is it that one bad apple spoils......


  1. Winston let me know who it is, cuz I got your back Dog. I'll take care of the issue for you. Just let me know and you can consider the problem taken care of.
    Don't let them get you down, MOM and I love hearing about you and all you are doing.

    1. Thanks Goose, I knew I could count on you! I just don't want my pals subjected to NASTY "poetry"! Some of my visitors might be we want to keep things PG rating!

  2. seriously??? god what did they say? seems like a few people are getting them lately. im a bit scared now incase i get something horrible. xxx

    i love your dangerous picture of you at the top winston, i wouldnt mess with you :D
    you look like an angry head master

    1. Charlene and Storm,
      Don't be scared it was just an attempt at nasty poetry. Want to keep it clean here!
      I do look like a mean 'ole codger butt that's just me Terror Terrier look!

  3. Hey Winston!
    Wow, I'm so sorry about that comment! Some folks are just mean and definitely NOT Blogville citizens. Please ignore them. We're so much nicer than them!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

    1. Sarge, some peeps just don't have good manners!

  4. There has been someone going around Blogville leaving really nasty comments & we recently got a really creepy sex comment. I wish the creepers would stay away from Blogville!

    Winston, would you be interested in being featured in a New Blogger Alert on my blog We'd love to have you. You can let us know at PBU at comcast dot net.

    Nubbin wiggles,

    1. Hi Oskar,
      Yep, it was a creepy S.E.X comment!!
      Some peoples kids!

  5. We are sorry that happened to you guys. We have been lucky, except for our first year - when we had a kinda scarey stalker. Then he figured out just how boring muzzer could be, and he went away.

    You are smart to turn on the security thingy...


  6. Some peeps sure know how to ruin it for others. grrrrrrrr

    Love ya lots,

  7. A WHAT COMMENT??? Lacie passes out on the floor...geeeeeeeeeez....this is a family blog too....

    Loved your Mardi Gras post!! You got pancakes??? Mumsie and her dad and eventually her kids would make donuts....yummmers!!!!!

    Loved all those pix of have the most adorable face, dear boy!!!!!

    And totally HOT er um nevermind...the Lacie will contain herself....

    XXXOOOOOO Miss Teacakes

  8. That is awfuls! Me thinks those peoples is just awful. Maybe they is jealous that the pet blogosphere is so kind...
    Wes loves yous guys.

  9. BLEEECKK - we are sorry that woooo got a yicky comment.
    But this be a fery nice comment!!! Bekause we are telling wooo that we hafe gifen wooo an Award. :)

  10. That's creepy. The things people do for the sake of their own whimsical enjoyment.

    I think this person should just keep his/her fingers away from the keyboard if he/she doesn't have anything nice or sensible to type.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  11. Hi there!! We found a shout out for your blog on Ruger's blog and came by to visit. You have a very nice blog and we must are quite handsome. Have a pawsome weekend. Hugs and nose kisses

  12. Oh dear! And we just turned off word verification due to the difficult to read new format. Will see what happens...

    Hopped over to say hello and hope you can stop by for a visit sometime at Critter Alley.

    Critter Alley