Monday, February 20, 2012

I am IT!! I was tagged!

I was tagged by a good furrend Garth Riley!  Wow was I excited but totally overwhelmed when I saw what the requirements are to play this extremely fun game!

Mom said she used to play Hide and Seek and "Tag, Your It"..was what you didn't want to hear, butt this game is different and I need to answer sum questions before I tag sumone else.......

So, here goes!

1.)  Describe yourself in 7 words......
Well, my Mom thinks I'm handsome!!
Just don't ask me to do a trick!

Geeesh, the woman is always dressing me in costumes!

A Bronco Fan
Don't ask me to Tebow, remember I don't do Tricks!
Sumtimes a LITTLE Lazy
MOM, can you move the blanket up a little bit more?

I love my Ratties!
And Last, butt not least,...

Head Strong!
I want to do what I want, when I want to do it!
When Mom took me on this walkie, I had to show her who is the BOSS!!
See my EVIL eye!!
When I decide the walk is over...IT IS OVER!
She had to carry me 1/4 of a mile....
She wasn't to happy butt I thought it was funny!
2.)  What keeps you up at night?
       Any movement. For instance, if my pawrents move in bed...I get a little bit startled and have to let 
       them know how I feel (with a tiny little growl... grrr) about this interruption in my sleeps!  
       Also, if the paper man comes too early..I hear him and give big Barks!!!
        Other than those two things, I sleep all night long!

3.)   Who would you like to be?
        I have been me for seven years and I kinda like me this way!  
4.)    What are you wearing right now?
         I wear the same 'ole thing every day, unless the woman is dressing me in a costume!
         I wear my BeaYouTeaFul furrs that are white, black and a color my mom calls apricot!
         I have on my lovely red collar and red EZ Walk harness!
5.)     What scares you?
         Now you are getting pawsonal..what if the ladies are reading this?
         If I must answer.....EVERYTHING!
         Any sudden movement, loud noise, car rides, thunder, lightening.. the list can go on and on!
         Because I'm a special kid (adopted), Mom doesn't know my past we just go with the    
         flow and work around all my little quirks!
Here I am trying on my Thundershirt!
6.)  The best and worst of blogging?
      There are so many good things about blogging but the very bestest thing is all the furriends I've 
       made!  Mom says the Pet Blogging Community is the best place in the World!
       The worst part is the time it takes....Mom is on the computer when she should be cleaning  my
7.)   What was the last website you visited?
       The last site was Sweet William's bloggy..his Pawrent was having troubles wiff a TROLL visiting..
        that can not be allowed!
8.)    What is the one thing you would change about yourself?
         Nothing...nuff said!
9.)    Slankets, Yes or No?
Give me a blanket any day!
9.)    Tell something about the person who tagged you..
         Garth Riley from the World According to Garth Riley tagged me!
         Garth,  a very talented English Labrador Retriever, is a therapy dog!   As a therapy doggy he
        visits medical centers ( like the place my Mom works) and visit patients!
         He has BeaYoutTeaFul golden furrs
         I bet the ladies are pawing at his front door!
         The most impawtant thing Garth did recently....IS....his Third Place MangoMinster!!
         Yepper's he won third place in Adventure Animals!!   Congratulations Garth!!

Now, I have to tag 8 furriends to play......

Here we go.....

Tag Your It..
                     Caren and Cody at Cat Chat
                     Brian....we all know where he lives!

                     Jake and Fergi, Two Special Wires       

                     Katie and Sparky

                    Penelope and Kozmo


                 Miss Asta


Woops, that is 9...yep I'm headstrong!
I could go on, and on, picking the wonderful furrineds that we have met this last year...butt we have to follow the rules!!

This is a LONG challenge....if anyone I tagged does not want to play..I understand!! Just know that I was thinking about you, and all of our other furrends, today!



  1. Oh my Winston, I really, really enjoyed your answers! Thanks for tagging me, you are a sweetie! I was recently tagged twice but I want to give you a shout out next Monday so that everyone will know you are here and can visit your fantastic bloggie!

  2. Thank you for tagging me, Winston. I'll have to put my thinking cap on and come up with great answers like you did!

    Love ya lots,

  3. Oh! Winston! Yous is just the bestest! thanks yous for tagging mes and Me just loved learning more about yous! Yous is MY kind of Doggy!

  4. You did a great job! We enjoy reading these...but we got tagged by Garth also, and my muzzer has not done a thing. Not ONE Single Thing. She is behind, as usual.


    1. Gussie,
      I nose you were tagged, tell your secwetawy to bite da bullet!

  5. Very good answers!

    I see you have a Thundershirt. It didn't do a thing for Indy. Maybe we should try longer???

    Critter Alley

    1. The Thundershirt did not work for me either butt we are willing to try it a few more times!

  6. I love it! Great job, Winston! (I particularly liked your very complimentary description of me.) We enjoyed your photos and learning more about you. Boy, you really are tolerant -- that's quite a get-up you're wearing!

    1. Thanks for thinking of me, it was a lot of fun!

  7. You look so intelligent in those glasses. Luv your pictures with the descriptions. You do a very good stink eye. Thanks for visiting me with words of encouragement today. Your a Win Win.
    Sweet William The Scot

  8. Hey Winston,

    Thanks so much for thinking of me buddy - that was so sweet!! I loved reading all your answers and those pics were really cool, yep you are very tolerant buddy - that sure is some costume your Mum put on you!! :)

    I will do my very best to join in too, one of my traits is 'easily distracted'! Yeah, sometimes Mischief distracts me…..then before I know Mum's telling me it's time to go to bed and lights out!! Tee Hee

    Have a fun day buddy

    Your pal Snoopy :)

    1. Snoopy,
      I nose whatcha much to do butt so little time!

  9. Oh boy, Snoops has tons and tons of dog works to do with his friends tagging him.

    By the way, I didn't know you were adopted. You sure seem pretty happy with your current mom... or shall I say assistant.

    Anyway, your reminded me of Harry Potter in the picture where in the caption said something about wearing the Thunder shirt.

    The stick beside you looks like a wand. LOL.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  10. Hellos Winston, I is Puddles and I is coming by from Mitch's to meet you!
    Dude, you is a riot! We will gets along just fabulously! I do be head strong myself, it's my way or no way (I'm a doxie). Howevers, I has to hand it to you furs being so tolerant withs da costumes...hehehehe.
    My sissy is skeered of everything too. Her freaks out when da faucet comes on, flushin' da toilet, and blah blah blah. Her was a breeding doggie and her cames here when her was 8 yrs. old.


    1. Nice to meet you Puddles!!! Iffin you awe headstwong we will gets along just fine!!