Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras!!!

I'm joining the Lovely's at
Jacqueline's Cat House

Today is the celebration of....

Mardi Gras

which is always celebrated on the day before Ash Wednesday!

mardi gras

There will be good food,drinks,parades and Beads!

Also, they have a yummy cake..The King Cake!
See the baby...if you get the baby,in your piece of cake,you have goody luck for the whole year!
Mommy got the baby once butt she doesn't remember if she had anymore goody luck than usual!

There are fancy drinks,

I love parades and this one looks like soooo much fun!

Then remember you get beads at the parade..hopefully lots of beads!

Did you know that each color of the beads has a certain meaning?

 Purple for JUSTICE

Green for FAITH

Gold for POWER!!. 

I hear the pawty gets a little rowdy
butt it's a whole lot of fun!

I'm Going ....
Does anyone want to join me?

I'm ready to kick up my paws and  PAWTAY!!!

...the Pawtay Animal!


  1. Hey Winston!
    Wow, that cake looks totally yummy! Does that baby have a squeaker? You look great in your outfit and I bet the party really kicks into gear when you arrive! BOL.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  2. Hey Winston, Me and Kozmo is pawticpating in the Mardi Gras Pawrade and wes going to lots of Pawties! Me is glad that yous is too!
    Lots of kisses
    Nellie and Kozmo
    PS, my hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon thinks yous is really cute!

  3. My dad wouldn't give me the day off, Winston. I had to work! Did you get the baby in your piece of cake?

    Love ya lots,

  4. Whoa, there, Winston - don't get too carried away with all the pawtaying!
    Hi, I'm Sundae the kitty, taking over my Mom's computer for a minute. We found you by way of Cat From Hell. It's nice to meet you! We'll be back to visit soon.
    Sincerely, Sundae

  5. Sounds like a great time-count us in!

  6. Hey Winston, Jet here. Wow, that Mardi Gras stuff looks like fun. I would like to taste the cake, except Mom's strict about food with colors... hope you get to wear some beads!

  7. Hey Winston. Nellie sent me over and I am so glad to meet you. I'll be stoppin by often to see what you are up to.
    Looks like you are quite the pawty dog.